Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition: How To Plan For Your Period On DOE

Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition: How To Plan For Your Period On DOE

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Getting your period in the comfort of your own home can sometimes be inconvenient, so you can only imagine what it’s like when you are staying out in the wilderness! The Duke of Edinburgh is an international event, where many of us take to our local forests, fields, and rural spaces to get out into nature and show off our survival skills. Whilst this can be immense fun, and a good learning experience for us all, sometimes the fear of getting inconvenienced by our period can be stressful. In this article, we will be giving you our top tips on how to get through DOE, whilst on your period. 

1. Always Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can be easier said than done, but there are a few things you can do which can help you be super prepared whilst taking part in your DOE expedition. Firstly, try out a period tracking app. These are great for planning out when your next period may be and not to mention, having something else to keep track of your cycle takes the burden off your memory. 

The next tip for not being caught out is to pack plenty of period products. For trips such as these, we recommend taking a few options for your regular period necessities. Whether you are a tampon or pad user, you should take a variety of types. For example, with a sanitary towel, you are possibly going to want a bigger, more absorbent one than usual. There may be fewer bathroom breaks on your trek, and also, you will want to be as comfortable as possible. We also recommend taking a few FabLittleBags on your travels so disposal is easy, hygienic and confident, whether you are up a hill or in a tent!

Even if you were a Flusher before you went on DOE, being in nature and not having flushing toilets on hand all the time will encourage you to become a Binner, and FabLittleBag makes that easy-peasy. Whilst spending so much time in nature, you want to leave it exactly how you found it, and a Fab Little Bag can be the perfect way to dispose of your used sanitary products. They are also great for storing menstrual cups if you’re a cupper. You can also consider period pants, although washing them will be an issue so take a sealable bag to store them… 

2. Hydration Is Key!

Drinking plenty of water whilst you are exercising is always important and during your monthly cycle, it is even more so. It is recommended that during your Duke of Edinburgh expedition, you should bring two liters of water which is also the suggested amount to drink. When you stay hydrated, you can actually elevate some of the nasty period symptoms, such as experiencing fewer cramps and preventing a backache. 

3. Period Fatigue 

We all know that feeling - sluggish, tired, and unmotivated. This can be specifically difficult if you are taking part in DOE. It can be tempting when you are around teammates to swerve that all-important eight hours of sleep and stay up chatting the night away. However, the symptoms of general fatigue and tiredness around our cycle are all too real - and we could regret this decision later. Listen to your body, and remember that you will need even more energy than normal to complete your Duke of Edinburgh expedition. 

Also, sugar ( in sensible doses) can be your best friend whilst trekking through the countryside. Pack a few snacks that have a good sugar content like a chocolate bar, or are dense in protein, such as nuts, to give you that extra boost of energy and grant you that additional motivation.  Being in nature is a good time to reflect and appreciate the trees, the countryside, and the views.