Playing sports during my period


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I know - it’s counter-intuitive, BUT doing some gentle exercise during your period can really help with cramps and mood! Depending on the intensity, and what day of your menstrual cycle you are on,  working out during your period can have many benefits for your overall health. However, we know what’s like, particularly during your period, when you don’t want to get out of bed, and you certainly don’t want to move your body. Plus, some of us suffer from extremely bad period pains, so exercising can be extremely uncomfortable - in that case, bring on the hot water bottle and chill…. 


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What are the benefits of exercising on your period?

Sustainable Period DisposalsPeriod


Hormonal changes happen in our bodies during our monthly period, but did you know that the week can increase workout stamina and accelerate physical recovery? As a result, you might feel an additional energy surge when exercising during the first phase of the menstrual cycle. If you feel well enough to exercise on your period, go for it! Physical activity can positively impact your mood and ease the discomfort of your period. But never forget to keep it lighter than before your cycle.

Most people recommend that you undertake the workouts that you enjoy doing the most throughout your period. The first day or two of your period may not be the optimum time to exercise for many women. This is usually related to a higher flow of bleeding. You may feel more relaxed training at home during this time. Take it easy during the first few days of your period and adjust your workouts as needed. 

What Exercises To Do Whilst On Your Period

Sustainable Period DisposalsPeriod


So, what workouts should you do during your period? Here are some of our top recommended ways to move your body, especially when you don’t to!

  • Walking: Walking is a simple activity that needs no specific equipment, clothing, or place. You are free to take as much time as you want or need, and you can modify your speed as needed.
  • Light jogging or aerobic: This isn't supposed to be a difficult workout. "Light" is the essential word here. Take it slow and/or consider a shorter workout than usual whether you're jogging, cycling, swimming, or doing anything else.
  • Strength training: If you really want to do it, try some easy strength exercises with lighter weights than you would normally use. Avoid heavy-duty lifting at this time in your cycle.
  • Gentle stretching and balancing: Yoga is excellent for relaxing muscles and relieving stiffness and cramping. Pilates is beneficial for extending muscles and alleviating stiffness and cramping. Tai chi can help you relax and de-stress.


Top Tips For Exercising on Your Period

Sustainable Period DisposalsPeriod


It's critical to maintain good hygiene throughout your period, even while exercising. Here are some basic guidelines. To begin, select period products that you are familiar with. If you're worried about leaks when exercising on your period, a tampon or cup could be a good option. This is not the time to experiment however if you don't regularly use them. If not properly inserted, they might be distracting or uncomfortable.

For some people, other period products such as pads, and period pants which you bleed into and they absorb the blood can perform just as well as or better than tampons. You can also use a combination of these products for peace of mind. Use whatever method feels right for you and suits you best. Carrying period products with you when you exercise is a smart idea simply in case your period starts earlier than expected as, unlike popular beliefs they are not always like clockwork! Hormonal variations may be to blame.

Also, recommend carrying FabLittleBags as there may not be a bin, or the bin may be disgusting so this ensures that you can always bin with confidence and ease wherever you are. If you are typically a flusher - please reconsider as flushed period products can end up in the rivers and oceans - another reason to Fab instead!


Sustainable Period DisposalsPeriod


After exercising: 

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Change your underwear.
  3. Use a fresh pad or tampon. Change into fresh clothing if your workout clothes are sweaty or stained.

Even if you're getting towards the end of your period, remember that additional activity, new positions, or stretching during exercise may result in spotting. This is common and can typically be addressed with the use of panty liners or period solutions. However, if you're experiencing spotting between periods for no apparent cause, you should visit your doctor.