breaking news: 2.5 Million Tampons & 1.4 Million Pads are flushed in the UK everyday!

JOIN MILLIONS #beabinnernotaflusher

Striving to keep period products out of our rivers & oceans, while ensuring easy, discreet and responsible disposal with confidence.

FabLittleBag HQ

which one are you?


You had no idea that flushing tampons and pads down the loo wasn't an okay thing to do - Its okay, you do now!

Loo Roll Wrapper

You bin your product but there isnt always a bin, a bin lid, bag or loo roll when you needed it, its embarrassing to leave a used product .

Nappy Sacker

You use plastic bags to dispose of your products, they leak, smell or just feel degrading.

The fabber

Feel fabulous on your period, with easy discreet and responsible period product disposal.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Amy Humphries

Content Creator / Presenter / Rugby Player

“These super useful! So many times I’ve been caught out with no sanitary bins in toilets, this just gives you reassurance that you always have somewhere to dispose & they’re sustainably sourced too!”

Lilly Pebbles

Beauty & style Influencer

"You know when you go to a friends house and there isnt a bin or a liner in their bathroom and you have to go to the kitchen, FabLittleBags are one of those little things that just make life easier and I love them!"

Georgina Twigg MBE

International field hockey player & Olympic gold medalist

Period should never be a reason why someone doesn't want to participate in sport, and FabLittleBag helps to alleviate anxiety around periods, and make disposal much easier!

Ama Agbeze

Ex-GB Netballer Team Captain

“FabLittleBag should be packed alongside your sanitary product of choice always!”


New Binner

“They make the whole process a lot easier and
less messy. Even after just two days I’m totally converted!! ”


Looking for a discreet option

“I love this product, it's part of my monthly bag now for sure! Natural and pretty discreet packaging not to mention very handy and easy to use”

Karen S

“I'm loving the FabLittleBags and currently trying to convert my sister. So convenient especially in a public place and hygienic.  Great for the handbag and I like how they don't rattle so much!”


“Fantastically simple and easy to use. Made staying over at a friend’s a complete breeze.”

Ama Agbeze

Team England Netball

“They are actually fab! It's good to never be caught short - thanks”


Can't live without!!

Such a brilliant product - easy to have on your person to give piece of mind, and when you need to change tampons there is no awkward handbag smuggle with tissue, a sealed and safe 'fab little bag'! Also more eco-friendly & biodegradable, it's a win win. All my friends & family can't live without them now!

Sunday Times Style Magazine

“It’s the best solution, full stop. Period.”

Elizabeth B

“Your product is an actual life saviour ... THANKS!”

Helena Abad Escámez

"I think what you've invented is the greatest thing ever! Very useful and very eco friendly."


"I Love it!"

“Just received my dispenser. I love it! Easy to use, clean, modern and just perfect for holding my FabLittleBags ”

Life, Love & Dirty Dishes

New to Fab

“Do you ever come across a product and wonder
where it's been all your life?”


No Longer Anxious

“ Love FabLittleBag! Personally, removes anxiety when having to dispose of sanitary products and contributes to my professional goal of encouraging the message of 'only toilet paper, pee and poo go down the loo' - no-one is tempted to flush a sanitary product when they have a fab little bag handy. Thank you for developing them. ”


FabLittleBag HQ

Are you an organisation? We've got you covered!


Provide players with free period products and FabLittleBags for easy discreet and responsible disposal. Help to take away barriers to entry and participation for women and girls playing sports.

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Sanitary waste is a significant environmental issue, and it's time for schools to make a change. With FabLittleBag, you can instill good habits in your students and make a positive impact on the environment.

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It's time for employers to make a change, you can instill good habits in your workplace, show your support for female staff and show your values to your customers, remove barriers while making a positive impact on the environment.

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Offer amenities that meet the diverse and sustainable needs of today's guests, with easy, discreet and responsible disposal, your guests, staff and cleaners with love it, along with your waterways, wallet and the environment.

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