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Which one are you?

How green are your periods? Unlock 5% discount

  'Scuse us asking, but are you a flusher or a binner? When it comes to disposing of tampons or pads, we tend to be pretty private. So it can be a surprise to find out that other women do things differently. Now there's a fab new disposal method to help you avoid a sticky situation!

So what's the problem?

60% of women flush their tampons and most are completely unaware that they shouldn't. Whenthey hear that it causes major sewer blockages and huge eco pollution, they aregobsmacked!😱 Some flushers know about the issues, but when faced with a used tampon, they just want it to disappear as quickly as possible.😰They may feel a littleguiltyflushing, but quickly forget about it, until next time… 40% of women are binners. Even though it'sthe "right thing", doing theLoo Roll Wrapcan feel awkward, especially using someone else's bin.Image result for toilet roll emojiAnd what if there's no bin? They end up doing theHandbag Smuggle!👜 Other women improvise with things designed for other purposes, like anappy sack.Image result for garbage bag emojiThese are rather baggy for a tampon and tend to be rustle-ly and see-through! There's not much dignity in that.

So which one are you?

The Gobsmacked Flusher had literally no idea that flushing caused blockages and pollution, in fact she thought she was doing the right thing. Wasn't that what your mum or the school nurse taught you about disposal? IKR! The Guilty Flusherkinda knows that it's bad for the environment, or perhaps she's had a blocked toilet before. But she just can't face wrapping up a used tampon in a bit of soggy tissue and leaving it in someone else's bin (gross, right?). The Loo Roll Wrapper knows she's doing the Right Thing by not flushing.But what happens if there's no bin? Hang on, what if there's no loo roll either? It happens! Not everyone feels good wrapping up tampons in this way, especially if you're on a heavy day or if you're using a bin at a friend's house. Ever done the Handbag Smuggle? You're not alone. Over half of women we surveyed said they've done this at one time or other, when caught in a toilet without a bin. (Let's hope you remember to get to a bin before you reach in for your lipstick...).Well done for not flushing in your hour of need, but surely there's a better way? Are you a Nappy Sacker?Nappy sacks are perfect… for nappies. They're big, rustle-ly and what genius made these things transparent?! The chances of finding a biodegradable version are pretty slim too. You need to lick your fingers in order to open them and let's face it, it's hardly the best moment! If you've got period disposal sorted, then we're guessing you're one of our fabulous Fabbers! You seal away your tampons and pads with just one hand in the truly fab FabLittleBag. Not see-through, no rustle, no pollution, biodegradable and just the right size. It's even safe to do the Handbag Smuggle! After all, we can get the disposal bags perfect but we're still working on the rest of the world....

Which one is you? And how about your friends?

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