What's big, grey and under your high street?

What's big, grey and under your high street?

How green are your periods? Unlock 5% discount

There's something lurking under the streets and gardens of England. It's huge, solid and fairly disgusting. Sewer blockages caused by flushed wipes, tampons, condoms and many other bizarre items are becoming a big nuisance. Water companies spend £80m each year clearing these blockages, and no, they're not pretty! fatberg Many well-intentioned people continue to flush wipes and tampons, unaware of any problem and sometimes believing that is the 'green' thing to do. These items may get past the toilet U-bend but completely bung up the works a little way down the line. Sewage then backs up and floods in back gardens or high streets, causing hygiene issues and lengthy roadworks. Even worse is when the sewer blockage causes used tampons to overflow in rivers, beauty spots and beaches. Not what you want to see on a day out to one of Britain's beautiful natural landscapes. That's why FabLittleBag is teaming up with water companies to spread the word about binning, not flushing, tampons and wipes. FabLittleBag is brilliantly designed for the purpose, making the process easy enough to convert the most die-hard flusher. These genius, bio-degradable bags open with one hand (handy when the other hand is holding a used tampon). They seal securely closed with a sticky strip, so even if there is no bin to hand, you can pocket them until you find one. As they are not see-through, thankfully the contents are not on display if you're disposing of it in someone else's bin. Fab Little Bag - how it works FabLittleBag is a hygienic alternative to wrapping a used tampon ina bundle of sodden toilet paper and a green alternative to blocking up the nation's sewers!


You can find FabLittleBag in Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Ethical Superstore and other retailers, or buy them directly here > Spread the word about FabLittleBag so that thenext time you go to one of our local beaches, the only thing you'll find between your toes is sand!

Remember, tampons block sewers