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An article by the fabulously wise Pinky Lilani about kindness in leadership made me stop me abruptly mid "To Do" list and made me pause for thought. Kindness - it's always a virtue that I drum into my teenage boys, always something I try (and often fail) to remind myself to embed in my everyday life and always something I notice the incredible positive impact of when on the receiving end, yet it is not something that is focused on in the 'business world'. When locked in the cut and thrust of practicalities and deadlines, missed deadlines, juggling and pressure, kindness is easily forgotten. I am guilty of simply reacting to the inevitable disappointments, rejections and let downs that go hand in hand with a growing business, growling at the 'unfairness ' of it all and how 'disappointing' people can be… it takes a lot of effort for these not to get you down, and sometimes one's kindness is forgotten. Yet I truly believe that kindness (giving with no expectation of return) is a superpower; it has the power not only to change someone else's emotional state, but also your own, it's a feel good drug! So I for one will be donning my kindness cloak each morning as a way of a mental reminder, remembering that no act is too small, so thank you Pinky Lilani for this reminder, most kind.


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