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#FestiFail! Best festival horror stories

#FestiFail! Best festival horror stories

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Hands up if you've got a festival horror story!

Whether you're feeling jealous seeing everyone's festival pics, or hoping to prepare yourself for the absolute worst before your trip, here is our selection of cringeworthy tales from the festival front line. Those of a delicate disposition, look away now. festifail   The first was confessed to our FabLittleBag founder recently... "I tried to flush my tampon in the portaloo. It completely blocked the chemical toilet! I had to fish it out by hand and then carry it out past the queue of other festival-goers waiting for the loo. I died a hundred times over!" Although admittedly she was luckier than poor Charlotte Taylor who dropped her handbag down the loo at the Leeds Festival in 2009... and then got stuck in the loo when trying to retrieve it. She was rescued 20 minutes later by firemen. They must have been a loooong 20 minutes. One man got trapped right inside the toilet at the Oregon Country Fair when he became convinced he could find some drugs in the bottom of the pit. Arguably he may have taken enough drugs already by that point.   Chris from Sydenham reports trying to avoid the festiloo scenario altogether by making use of an empty water bottle in his tent. He did not foresee the bottle creating an airlock and he found himself stuck. As he painfully yanked himself free, the bottle sprayed all over the tent. Getting locked in a festival loo is unfortunate enough, as T4's Jameela Jamil found out, but being trapped in there by your 'friends' isn't any funnier... unless of course it's DJ Calvin Harris who was trapped by members of the band Madness at Bestival, when of course it's hilarious. Maggie from Devon had an uplifting experience in a toilet at Latitude 2011, as a forklift truck raised it up whilst she was inside. Luckily, the operator heard her shouts and she was put down and released with apologies. Although perhaps a levitating toilet is not as bad as the sinking toilets during the Glastonbury floods. If you are festival-bound during that time of the month, don't forget to pack your FabLittleBags for confident disposal, every time (even in the most challenging of situations!).   Check out our tips for a fresh festival!