Binless in the Bathroom

Binless in the Bathroom

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Ever been binless in the bathroom? When you have a pad or tampon to get shot of, and nowhere to dispose of it? According to ground-breaking new research, 41% of us have the best bathroom etiquette and never flush our tampons, to save the environment. But this shrinks to a mere 26% if there is no bin available and flushing seems the only option. We've heard no end of tales from the period frontline of the ingenious methods used by women determined not to flush but foiled by a lack of bin. Do you recognise any of these nifty moves:

The Handbag Smuggle

Where you wrap the used item up with loo paper like a mummy and hide it in your handbag

The Pocket Bulge

Where you're bagless and binless but at least you have your jeans pocket

The Sleeve Stuffer

Where you sneak the tampon to the safety of the nearest bin, hiding it nonchalantly up your sleeve Sound familiar?!After all,52% of women have had to hide a used tampon in their pocket or bag when no tampon disposal bins are available. Even worse, 29% of women report that they or a friend have experienced a "nightmare disposal scenario". Even if a bin is provided, the angst doesn't end there. How do you feel about depositing your used item in a transparent bin at a friend's house? Or in a pretty lidless basket? Or in one of those disgusting over-flowing public bins in urgent need of a service? No wonder the new research from FabLittleBag, Mumsnet and Anglian Water has revealed that 84% of women find tampon disposal away from home embarrassing. It just doesn't feel very twenty-first century, does it? It's FabLittleBag to the rescue! Keep these to hand at that time of the month and you'll never have to fear a binless bathroom again. They're handy, hygienic and seal completely closed, no rustle, no transparency.

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