breaking news: 2.5 Million Tampons & 1.4 Million Pads are flushed in the UK everyday!

All hail the lady ninja!

All hail the lady ninja!

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A great testimonial from a fellow Fabber... (with video evidence!)

"On Friday I attended my children's summer fayre. It was a hot day and I had my period.

I was really excited that a friend and I were going to challenge the kids and do the Ninja Warrior Assault course that they were queuing patiently for.

My problem was it was time for a change. Literally. I went to the loo - a poxy small cubicle and very low loo for very small children, saw I needed a change but didn't dare in such gross conditions - the door couldn't lock properly and the bin was simply over flowing with blue paper hand towels, so I decided to wait til I got home. I had forgotten I had an #FLB in my handbag.

So I went back to my pal in the Ninja queue and said - shall we go or just let the kids have the fun? She said no, let's do it and I told her about my problem. So she told me just to go back, change and do the course. So I went back, fished to the bottom of my bag and found a single saviour Fab Little Bag, did the change, stuffed and hygienically sealed used tampon into Fab Little Bag which I then stuffed to the bottom of the overflowing bin and hopped and skipped off to do the course in record time!

Conclusion - I felt AMAZING and not sordid or dirty using the FLB. Had I done the famous loo roll wrap it would have been a different matter entirely, I would have felt guilty if the bin had toppled over, the loo roll unwrap and a nightmare scenario could happen. Luckily I was armed and it was such a clean and light feeling I had that I can only rave even more about your invention Martha.

My Ninja Warrior video has almost gone viral on my FB page!!! (but little do they know what lies beneath!)"