Uplifting Advice for Parents: Preparing Your Daughter for School

Uplifting Advice for Parents: Preparing Your Daughter for School

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As the exciting new school term approaches, parents hold a special role in ensuring their daughters are well-prepared for the adventures ahead, especially if they have started their periods or are expecting them soon. Fablittlebag recognises the significant impact of menstruation on young girls and can bring welcomed support to your daughters with helpful products and knowledge.

The Period Equality: Breaking the Cycle report by phs Group reveals a powerful truth – more girls miss school due to their periods than for any other reason. In a Census-wide poll of 1,262 girls aged 13-18 across the UK, the report tells us that the average absence is three days per term, surpassing colds, flu, mental health, and truancy.

Surprisingly, nearly one in five girls admitted staying away from lessons due to embarrassment about being on their period, while 8% highlighted the unavailability of period products as a contributing factor.

Amidst all these challenges, the choices you make for your daughter's period products can make a world of difference. Consider gifting her with toxic-free tampons and pads we recommend Freda, for award winning natural and organic period care, not only for her health but to foster a positive and comfortable menstruation experience for the rest of her life. Or try Period Underwear from companies such as NIxiBody.

If she uses pads and or tampons, then FabLittleBags are a vital companion on her journey. These discreet and environmentally responsible disposal bags ensure easy and clean, convenient disposal, eliminating any awkward moments, especially at school. The cubicles at schools are not known for their cleanliness! And here's something to brighten your day – they also play a substantial role in reducing the negative environmental impact of period products, encouraging good binning habits instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in your daughter.

Here are some FabLittleBag options that might bring a smile to her face:

  1. FabLittleBag Starter Plus Pack: Link to Product

    Experience the joy of effortless disposal with FabLittleBag, the innovative solution for discreet and hygienic disposing of tampons and pads. Our FabLittleBag Starter Plus Pack is designed to provide a seamless and sustainable experience, ensuring both convenience and environmental responsibility.

    Key Features:

    1. Effortless Usage: Open-In-Seal & Bin – a simple yet effective method for discreet disposal.

    2. Convenient Refill Case: Perfect for on-the-go use, ensuring you are always prepared.

    3. Hygienic Seal Closure: Each bag seals securely, promoting a clean and odour-free disposal experience.

    4. Environmental Responsibility: Made from 60% sustainable sugarcane, 10% renewable cornstarch, and 30% recycled plastic, our bags support the circular economy of waste.

    5. Vegan-Friendly: Utilises vegan glue for conscientious product design.

  2. Personal Period Bag: Link to Product 

    Elevate you or your childs on-the-go period management with the Personal Period Bag by FabLittleBag – your companion for discreet and confident menstruation experiences wherever life takes you.

    Key Features:

    1. Effortless Organisation: Stay prepared and confident, even when you're out and about.

    2. Emergency Essentials: Experience peace of mind with this thoughtfully designed bag includes x1 pack of 7 FabLittleBags, an emergency FREDA organic cotton tampon and pad. Chemical-free and fragrance-free, these high-quality essentials ensure your well-being during unexpected moments.

    3. Ethically Crafted: Our Personal Period Bags are produced with care in the Ponticherry district of India using local women by an award-winning ethical company,  Supporting ethical practices, each bag is a testament to quality and social responsibility.

    4. Customisable Confidence: Re-Stock your Fab Bag with your own preferred brands of perido care and know you are covered where ever, whenever. Confidence in a Bag! 

Remember Rebecca from Bedford Girls School? She joyfully shared:

"All the sanitary bins are much cleaner; we don’t have rubbish left all over the floor anymore, and we’ve had excellent feedback from the students - we’re so pleased we have the dispensers."

Schools aren't just places for academic learning; they are environments where your daughter can bloom into her best self. Unfortunately, girls often encounter the not-so-great state of sanitary bins in schools. By addressing this issue and providing your daughter with trustworthy products, you contribute to creating a nurturing environment where she can comfortably discuss her experiences.

As you prepare for this exciting school term, engage in uplifting conversations with your daughter about menstruation. Break down any lingering taboos with positive discussions about the availability of quality period products and fostering responsible practices. The journey toward true period equality continues, and your warmth and support as a parent are essential in this beautiful collective effort.