Travelling And Periods: By Lilla Berry

Travelling And Periods: By Lilla Berry

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The dream and the reality 

Periods are tedious at the best of times, but a period when travelling is never ideal. When we think about going on holiday we look forward to good food, good weather, good company, relaxing in the summer sun, trekking the hills, or drinking hot chocolate by the pistes. Personally I am having a fabulous day dream of crystal clear water, those sandy white beaches, the beautiful translucent dresses, you know just like Sophie in Mamma Mia… And then my period comes and casts a deep crimson shadow over it all.

Sophie from Mamma Mia never seems to have to worry about this! In between singing on a boat, and planning her big white wedding on paradise island in long linen skirts, she never has to run off to change her tampon or tend to a potential leakage – least not that she shared with us! Unfortunately, such is reality. 

We see idealised  TV ads showing women riding horses, frolicking in fields, and playing tennis in tiny white skirts. But the reality, as we know too well, is not that easy or elegant. It's not romantic or glamorous but a hot, sticky pain in the backside – literally!

That said, somewhere between all the sporting activities and tight-fitting leggings, these ads do get one thing right: periods should not deny any woman the chance to travel the world, and live life to the full. It is challenging, but there are many steps to take that will make having your period on your  travels easier, and much more comfortable.

How Does Travelling Affect My Period?

Period symptoms are very personal and can be different, and often worse when travelling, due to stress and changes in routine. This is particularly likely to occur when the body is experiencing a shift in time zone and a disruption in sleep pattern, which can affect hormone balance, and sometimes leads to an irregular period, so it’s important to prepare for these occasions.

Changes in diet and exercise routine can also disrupt your regular cycle. It’s unlikely that you’ll be going for your morning jog, and consuming your usual diet on holiday. It’s also probable that you’ll be drinking alcohol more regularly, sipping sweet cocktails on the beach or trying the local wine at dinner.

It’s completely normal to abandon healthy routines and let loose on holiday, but this might amount to changes of hormone balance, which can cause late or sometimes early ovulation. So, in true girls scout tradition, it’s important to always be prepared.

How To Feel Fab On Your Period

Tracking your period is always beneficial, not only when travelling but when at home too. There’s nothing worse than being caught short. Having a rough idea of when it’s coming gives you time to prepare yourself, mentally and physically. Even if your cycle is irregular when travelling, it’ll be helpful to know exactly when it’s late and how long for. The Flo App is a popular, easy app to navigate. Wild A.I ,  is useful for sports women, helping them track, train and eat throughout the menstrual cycle. Clue also has high reviews. Or, of course you could go the old fashioned route and simply keep a diary. Whatever works best for you!


If you’re expecting your period during a flight, especially long haul, try and book an aisle set to make the bathroom more accessible, and to avoid all the awkward shuffling between passengers. Pack your Personal Period Bag from FabLittleBag so you have all you need in one place. These handy bags include, FabLittleBags (which are environmentally friendly sanitary disposal bags, which actually seal shut and don’t leak) plus a selection of organic cotton tampons and pads.

 Speaking of flying, don’t forget to take your painkillers in your carry-on. In fact, it’s important to have the medication that you need on you at all times. It’s exhausting having to find medicine in another country where you don’t speak the language or know where the local pharmacies are.

It's also essential to pack suitable items of clothing so that you feel comfortable and supported on your period. The right clothes will bolster your confidence. I personally find that wearing short black gym shorts under my skirt or shorts adds an extra layer of protection, and soothes my leak-anxiety. Black in general is always a safe bet, and something loose may help you to be more relaxed if you feel bloated or uncomfortable.

Feel Fab on the move 

Finally, remember to take with you your FabLittleBag’s ( environmentally responsible sanitary disposal bags) so that you are always able to dispose of your sanitary products no matter in what wild and wonderful places you find yourself tending to your period. Fab has your back, whatever the state of the facilities on your travels, no matter where in the world you are.