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The weather in the UK has finally perked up enough for us to dust off last year's bikinis and cute summer outfits, and head down to the beach! Nothing quite beats a day lounging by the ocean, where the only stress there is, is choosing whether to have Vanilla ice cream or Mint. What a problem to have ey? Unfortunately for some of us, Mother Nature doesn’t put our periods on hold, just because the temperature makes it over 20 degrees. 

Having your periods can be a bit of a whirlwind in the best of times, but in summer there is even more craziness to add into the mix. Pool parties, beach days, bikinis, beautiful white outfits! To help you enjoy your summer stress-free, we are listing our top tips on dealing with your periods and answering your frequently asked questions, so you can don your favourite bikini every day of the month.

What should I wear to the beach on my period?

Absolutely anything you like! Having your period is completely normal and it doesn’t have to be top secret that it is your time of the month. However, if you’d prefer to keep that ‘under wraps’ then there are a few tips and tricks such as wearing a dark coloured swimsuit, layering with shorts or a cute sarong, and bringing an extra big beach towel in case you need to change when there aren’t any loos available or the queue is too long.

Can I go to the beach on my period without a tampon?

Of course! Tampons are not the be all and end all of period products, and there are other options such as pads and cups which can be beach-friendly too. Keep reading for our top tips on wearing a pad at the beach.

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Can I swim in the ocean on my period?

Heck yes! Tampons are a great option, but it’s also completely acceptable to go sans period products whilst swimming. Keep reading for our top tips on swimming without a tampon.

Top tips for dealing with your period at the beach

1. Wear a tampon

Okay, this one is an obvious one! If you feel comfortable wearing a tampon, this is one of the easiest ways to deal with your period at the beach relatively stress-free. Because tampons expand to fit your body, there is minimal chance of leakage and they are swim safe and not visible.

2. Wear a pad

You may be thinking, how on earth is that going to work?! Well if you are planning on just sunning yourself from the shores, manning the BBQ or sipping cocktails on the sand, a wingless pad can be the perfect option. Just stick it to the inside of your bikini! If you're conscious of the bulk or any sides sticking out, now is the perfect time to perfect your sarong styling. I’ve heard they’re all the rage this year.

3. Bring extras

Salty water and sand, what a combination. Dipping in the water and getting a sandy bum may mean you need to change your tampon or pad a little more frequently, so bring extras! You never know, your friend might get their period at the beach too and you can help save their day (or at least a trek to the local shop).

4. Disposal

So suggesting wearing a pad and a tampon is all well and good, but when it comes to changing them, there is the issue of where to dispose of them. Finding a toilet at the beach is hard enough, and finding a toilet at the beach with sanitary bins is even trickier. As you are enjoying the lovely ocean on your beach day, make sure you don’t flush any tampons or sanitary products down the loo, even if there is no bin provided. Flushing tampons and pads down the loo can result in them making their way into the ocean and spoiling the wonderful thing you have come to enjoy. 

Instead pack a few FabLittleBags in your beach bag. They are sealable, sustainable and hygienic sanitary disposal bags for your used tampons and pads. You can then keep your used sanitary products discreetly, and dispose of them when you find a bin. If only choosing your ice cream flavour was that easy.

5. Go pad free

If you’re not 100% keen on tampons, but you’re a water baby who can’t resist a dip, don’t let your period stop you from living out your mermaid dreams. Right before swimming, remove your pad and pop it in a FabLittleBag and Baywatch it to the sea. There may be a little leakage, but the water will wash it away and the pressure will stem any heavy flows. Once you’re out of the water, change into a dry swimsuit and a fresh pad and you’re good to go for round 2 of sunning, with factor 50 obvs!. 

6. Wear a dark coloured swimsuit

You don’t want to stain that fabulous new white bikini you’ve brought with a leak! Instead opt for darker colours that will disguise any leakage and won’t stain as easily.

7. Bring pain relief

A hot water bottle might be a little sweaty at the beach, so instead make sure you bring over the counter pain relief to keep those pesky cramps and headaches at bay. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and snacks to satisfy those cravings.