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The fab way to fight fatbergs and ocean pollution

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"FabLittleBag is a game-changer for water companies" - so says the director of the Future Water Association. So how does a disposal bag help water companies faced with a £80m annual bill for clearing blockages? Well this little bag is making a BIG difference both in keeping the pipes clear and preventing ocean pollution from sanitary waste. Plastic pollution in our oceans has become a hot topic even beyond the water industry, with flushed tampons, applicators and pads washing up on our beaches. They block sewers causing nasty overflow into our waterways. ocean pollution But how to get people to change their habit of flushing these items? Education is only half the story. You need an easy, positive solution to change flushers into binners. ocean pollution After a trial with Anglian Water, 97% of Mumsnet flushers said they would stop flushing tampons having tried FabLittleBag!That's whyit makes a real difference. Women love using FabLittleBag with its deceptively simple features: it's just Open - In - Seal - Bin. FabLittleBag Subscription It's biodegradable and made partly with sustainable sources too. So that's good news for water companies, not to mention anyone visiting the beach this summer. Flushed sanitary products are a worldwide problem, which is why Team England packed FabLittleBag for the Commonwealth Games in Australia! UK water companies All these UK Water companies are offering FabLittleBag to their customers to encourage good binning behaviour,stopping fatbergs in their tracks. And now FabLittleBag has won theFuture Water Association award for innovation in the water industry! future water association Our mission to create a nation of binners and save the oceans from pollution. Do get in touch to find out more! Buy FabLittleBag right here.