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Period Sex: Can You Have Sex During Your Period?

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Sex is a great way to connect with your partner and explore what you like and don’t like. For a lot of people, sex is a safe space to try new things but is this the case when it comes to sex on your period? 

At FabLittleBag, we think the female body should be cherished even when it is menstruating, it is a natural and beautiful part of being a woman. In this article, we will explore period sex and the best way to have sex on your period. 

Can You Have Sex During Your Period?

Long story short, yes! Have as much sex on your period as you are comfortable with.

When you are going through your reproductive years, you more than likely will have a monthly period unless you have irregular periods or medical issues. So that is a lot of days out of the year that you don't want to simply write off if you want to have sex. There’s no reason to not have sex when you are on your period, it is safe and can be fun. 

The only thing we would say to look out for is the mess as blood stains, so avoid white bed sheets or find a dark towel to lay on. Your period isn’t a reason to not do something, you can more or less do anything as long as you’re prepared.

Here Are Our Tips On Having Period Sex

  • Talk to your partner about it and how you both feel. It is okay to be hesitant, just be open and honest and talk it all though 

  • For tampon or cup users, remember to remove your tampon or cup before intercourse and pop it into your FabLittleBag.

  • Put a towel down on the bed, the darker in colour the better as you probably don’t want to see any blood and it won't ruin the towel.

  • Still use a condom, it helps to avoid STIs and pregnancy - YES NEWSFLASH you CAN still get pregnant during or shortly after your period - unlikely but absolutely still possible! 

  • Gravity will work against you here, so opt for missionary or laying on your side, but it is all down to personal preference and how comfortable you and your partner are. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having Sex On Your Period?

Who knew that having sex on your period benefited your body? All the more reason to get under the sheets and get frisky!

Here are just a few of the ways period sex can benefit you: 


1. It can Help Relieve Your Period Cramps

Experiencing an orgasm helps to relieve cramps because the muscles of your uterus contract and release, which is what helps to ease your pain. 


2. Did You Know It Is Nature's Very Own Lubricant?

When it comes to sex, usually the wetter the better and adding in a lubricant helps to keep things moist and more pleasurable. So, when you are on your period the blood acts as the perfect natural lubricant.


3. Getting Under The Sheets Can Actually Make Your Period Shorter

Once again the mighty orgasm is a girl's best friend, the contracting of the uterus helps to speed up the shedding of your uterine lining, resulting in a shorter period. 


4. Your Hormones Can Lead To More Enjoyable Sex 

Even though your period can be messy and painful, it can have a great effect on your libido. During your period your hormones fluctuate and change which can result in having better and more pleasurable sex.

Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period?

When it comes to sex it is always best to practise safe sex, whether this is to avoid STDs or unwanted pregnancy. Although the chances of getting pregnant during your period are slim, it is not impossible. Everybody is different and it is all dependent on your menstrual cycle and when you ovulate.  

Typically, if you ovulate early and have sex on your period then you are more likely to get pregnant or if your period lasts longer than the average five days. Also, you need to think about the sperm. If you are choosing to not use a condom then sperm can live inside your body for up to five days, if you have sex near your time of ovulation then it may still be in your body when your body is ready to ovulate, also, what if your body ovulates early?  

So period sex? Yes!  If you and your partner feel like it! 

Otherwise, Netflix, Chocolate, Hottie and chill!!