Period Disposal at Home: What do you do? By Abigail Nott

Period Disposal at Home: What do you do? By Abigail Nott

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You might assume your home is the place where you can dispose of period waste worry-free, as you know there is a bin and can avoid the dreaded “Handbag Smuggle”

But what if you live in a house where people feel uncomfortable discussing periods, with lots of non-menstruators? Or if you live with a toddler who doesn't know that bathroom bins aren’t toys, or a dog who is attracted to the smell of menstrual blood (this is a real thing!)?

FabLittleBags aren’t just for when you’re out and about - they can come in handy at home, too!

What is the correct way to dispose of period products?

When disposing of period pads or tampons, the main question is: are you a Flusher or a Binner? 

Often people stick with the way they have been taught when younger, whether by a family member, friend or by looking it up online - however, there is a right answer! Flushing tampons and pads is bad for both your pipes and the environment, as they are made to be absorbent to contain all the blood from menstruation. This is very different to toilet paper which is designed to break down and disintegrate in the pipes, meaning they can cause blockages - so, you should always dispose of non-reusable period products in a bin. 

How do you dispose of period waste at home?

It is common to feel uncomfortable about binning when you don’t have access to purpose-built sanitary bins, particularly as at-home disposal is often in shared spaces and disposal of tampons and pads remains the “taboo within a taboo” for periods in general.

If you use a period pad, often you can wrap it back up in the packaging of your next one so it is easier to dispose of, but if you are heavy, you can’t seal the edges and it is certainly not suitable to do the HandBag Smuggle like this!! . However, the easiest way is to use a FabLittleBag - the finger loops allow for one-handed opening, meaning you can easily open up the bag and place the pad inside, or simply drop in your tampon. You then pull off the strip and press the sides together with you thumb and finger and tadaaaa it is sealed closed - NOW you can do the handbag Smuggle with no fear or leaks or smells!! contain and seal your used tampons or pads without worrying about any mess or awkwardness. 

How can you have a more eco-friendly period?

FabLittleBags also help you to be environmentally friendly with your period, as they encourage those who flush to Bin instead as flushing causes blockages and directly causes pollution or our rivers, oceans and beaches. So by Fabbing you are having a better experience yourself AND keeping period waste out of our aquatic environment. - Furthermore FabLittleBags  are made from sustainably sourced materials that are either plant-based or recycled, reducing further plastic waste with your period. The glue to seal them closed is vegan.

Why not try other options too - for example -  reusable and eco-friendly period products such as period underwear, reusable pads or a menstrual cup. These are often even easier to use at home than when out and about, as you can easily wash them ready for the next use. 

Knowing your plan for disposal is a big way to feel more comfortable and at ease on your period. Whilst you might assume FabLittleBags will be most useful when out and about where you don’t know if there are bins, they can set your mind at rest when you’re at home too. Let yourself have the reassurance of easy disposal, wherever you are!

From your friendly fabber 

Abigail Nott