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Meet Gynae Geek

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We're talking gynae with Gynae Geek, aka the very fabulous Dr Anita Mitra. Our "Fab 5 Minutes" interview ran on just a wee bit, because when Martha and Anita get talking about periods, who'd want to stop them? Find out some fascinating insights about what's normal, what's a cause for concern and some amazing revelations about how bodies and our periods work. We're so grateful to Anita sharing her medical expertise on this important subject that just doesn't get aired enough. By not talking about periods, girls and women are left to worry in private, or not seek the medical attention they need, as in some of the examples that Anita mentions in the interview. We hope this film is a step towards removing the unnecessary stigma around menstruation. At FabLittleBag, we're always hearing about issues that women have with their periods, especially of course around the subject of disposal, but we're all too aware that in the real world this issue is rarely discussed. Given the other challenges that periods can bring - cramps, PMS, leaks, to name a few - disposal is one extra angst we can do without. Step forward FabLittleBag, the clever solution to your disposal woes! FabLittleBag Subscription Watch more of our Fab 5 Minute interviews with Non-Perfect Dad, Baroness Young, Charlie Rossand more to come! Gynae Geek