Feel Fab on Your Period: Embrace an Eco-Consciousness attitude.

Feel Fab on Your Period: Embrace an Eco-Consciousness attitude.

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We are always encouraging women to feel fab when on their periods: Period Positivity with an Eco-Consciousness attitude.

For women, the menstrual cycle is a natural part of life. Yet, for far too long, periods have been shrouded in silence and inconvenience. FabLittleBag is here to change that narrative, empowering women during their periods while championing the use of organic and eco-friendly products, responsible disposal, and environmental care. Let's explore how FabLittleBag helps you feel fabulous, stay eco-conscious, and make informed choices about your underwear, all while encouraging women and girls to dispose of tampons responsibly by not flushing them down the toilet.

Feel Fab on Your Period

Every woman knows that menstruation comes with its unique set of challenges. From cramps to mood swings, it's a time when comfort and confidence are paramount. Do you have a favourite pair of pants you were when you’re on your period? We do! Its the pair that feel barely there, not frills, normally black, big and soft soft soft. Choosing the right underwear is a crucial step in addressing these needs.

Cotton, Your Ultimate Companion: When it comes to underwear, cotton stands out as a favourite… Its breathable and moisture-wicking properties keep you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout your cycle. Plus, it's gentle on the skin, minimising irritation and ensuring you feel fab, even during your period. Check out Q for Quinn - Barely-there underwear and check out their top notch organic socks to keep your feel feeling fab too!

Q for Quinn - Pants

Empowering Periods with FabLittleBag

FabLittleBag understands the importance of feeling fabulous during your period. But we don't stop there. We believe that empowerment extends beyond comfort and confidence—it includes responsible disposal, eco-conscious choices, and raising awareness about the importance of not flushing tampons.

FabLittleBag- Eco-Friendly

1. Responsible Disposal: Dealing with used period products has often been a less-than-pleasant experience. FabLittleBag changes the game with discreet and easy-to-use disposal bags. Designed to protect rivers, oceans, and beaches from pollution caused by flushed period products, our bags ensure a hassle-free and confident disposal process. No more awkward moments or environmental concerns. Remember, it's vital to bin tampons, not flush them, to prevent plumbing and environmental issues.

2. Eco-Friendly Choices: We're committed to caring for the planet. That's why we offer the Eco-friendly Personal Period Bags, created in partnership with Freda, featuring responsibly sourced organic cotton products. By choosing this option, you not only prioritise your comfort but also contribute to a greener planet. It's a win-win for you and the environment, feel fab with peace of mind.


3. Period Positivity: FabLittleBag isn't just about products; it's a movement. We're passionate about promoting period positivity and encouraging open conversations about menstruation. We believe that embracing your period as a natural and powerful aspect of womanhood is key to feeling fabulous every day of the month.

So don’t let your period hold you back, don’t skip school, miss out on your football training, or stay home from that coffee date with your girls. Make sure you have a FabLittleBag with you and feel supported no matter where you are with FabLittleBag, you can feel fabulous, confident, and eco-conscious throughout your menstrual cycle.

By choosing responsible disposal, eco-friendly options and learning to bin tampons, not flush them, you're not only empowering yourself but also taking a stand for the planet.

So, ladies, let's embrace our periods, choose the right underwear for comfort, the right products for health, and join the FabLittleBag movement to make our world a cleaner, more period-positive place. Together, we can change the narrative, protect our environment, and feel fabulous every day, even on our periods.


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They spill the tea on the latest wellness trends online around the world. We appreciate platforms like Style Vanity for empowering women and helping them feel fab in their own unique ways. 💕