Dads & Daughters - Talking Periods Here's a Fab Five Minutes with the inspiring Richard Shorter, aka Non-Perfect Dad. He explains his tips for dads to support their daughters as they begin menstruation, keeping an open door for discussion, and includingsons inthe conversation about periods too! Interviewed by FabLittleBag's Martha Silcott, aka the Period Whisperer, they share the same vision for shame-free discussion of periods, across all genders and ages. We love his idea for a dads' event at the school, with a fire-pit, food and conversation about menstruation! He describes how dads get engaged in the details of sanitary protection so they are prepared for impromptu discussions and emergency san-proshopping. Let us know what you think in the comments. Are you up for a fathers/fire-pit/FabLittleBag event soon?