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Celebrate, Innovate, Menstruate!

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Whatever's happened to periods? Month in, month out, nothing seemed to change. Not since pads found wings has there been so much innovation around the menstrual cycle. In honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day, we're having a look at some of new things that may surprise you in the so-called feminine hygiene sector (surely that name's due for an overhaul too?). menstrual innovation Menstrual Hygiene Day looks at the serious issues facing women all over the world and their struggle to manage their periodsin privacy, safety and with dignity. In the developed world the challenges are less acute, but still many women suffer awkward and humiliating scenarios, stemming from the outdated menstrual taboo. So first up in our roll of honour for menstrual innovation is our very own FabLittleBag. Finally innovation has come to the messy business of disposal of period products. Hurrah for the only one-handed disposal bag that seals away tampons and pads in an opaque, biodegradable solution. FabLittleBag Subscription Next up is the extraordinary NannoPad™, a sanitary pad that contains dirt to combat period pains. Gynaecologists have cast some doubt of its efficacy but we applaud them for thinking outside the (dirt)box. Subscription heroes Dame have introduced a reusable tampon applicator to cut down on the needless waste caused by disposable applicators, which have a nasty habit of washing up on beaches. It's a great solution for women who love applicator tampons but want to move to an eco solution. Another new concept is probiotic tampons by Florgynal, which helps keep a healthy balance of the helpful lactobacillus bacteria in the vagina, an important defence against vaginal infections. If that's something you're susceptible to, it could be a worth a try as a preventative measure. This idea may sound pants but it's really catching on. Now you can get underwear that you can bleed right into, as it absorbs your flow without leaks. WUKA, Thinx and Pretty Clever Pants are leading the way and you can even get yoga pants for periods from Dear Kate which work whichever position you've twisted yourself into. Menstrual cups are hardly new but they are definitely having a 'moment'. Now you can buy a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to find one that works for you. Cup converts tend to be passionate evangelists so it's worth remembering that no single solution works for everyone. If eco concerns are high on your list, then you may be up for trying reusable period products. Washable pads and liners are growing in popularity and there are some seriously wacky designs out there. If you can face bleeding into the adorable cartoon character bedecking your undies, then there is a whole world of fun out there for you! Subscriptions are huge for beauty products, chocs and wine, so why not for the one essential you need every month? FabLittleBag is available in a choice of subscriptions, as are many tampon and pad products. Combine it with a chocolate subscription and you have the perfect period survival pack! Women have cottoned on (pun intended) to the fact that standard tampons are not necessarily made of vagina-friendly materials, so many are moving to tampons and pads made from all-organic cotton. Customers of companies like TOTM are leaving irritating man-made fibres behind for a more natural approach. Vintage - Period Taboo We've come a long way from the rubber bloomers and belt contraptions of old. We hope that however you manage your periods, wherever you are in the world, you are able to do so with privacy, safety and dignity, in line with the vision of Menstrual Hygiene Day. Happy MHD everyone! Have you tried any new types of period products? Tell us about them in the comments here... #MHDay2018 #NoMoreLimits #menstruationmatters