Can you flush tampons? The definitive answer!

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There's a simple answer to this question but it can be quite hard to find! The advice has changed over the years. But now it's categorical.

Don't ever flush tampons! Here's why:

Yes, they may disappear down the U-bend (...usually! Sometimes theycause a blockage and flooding - an absolute horror show). But they cause terrible problems further down the pipes.

So what happens to tampons when you flush them?

Tampons join baby wipes, condoms, cotton buds, and cooking oil to form huge impenetrable blockages in the sewers, known as fatbergs, which require power drills to clear them.They arethen transported off for disposal in landfill.   Equally horrifying, when sewers flood, tamponsoverflow into our streams, rivers and find their way onto our beaches. green disposal of tampons So please don't be a flusher, be a binner!

What's the alternative?!

If the idea of wrapping your used tampon in a wodge of tissue then searching for a bin does not fill you with joy, there is a handy and hygienic alternative, thanks to FabLittleBag. These innovativesanitary disposal bags are fast becoming essential kit for handbags and bathrooms. FabLittleBag seals your used tampon away in a neat opaque pack, so even if there's no bin to hand, you could pocket it for disposal later. It also saves you from the awkward feeling of leaving an unpleasant, tissue-wrapped tampon in someone else's bin. Designed perfectly for the purpose, FabLittleBags open one-handed with clever finger loops - a definite advantage if your other hand is holding a used tampon! It also works for small towels, applicator tubes and intimate wipes, all of which you should never be flushed. It's certainly a welcome evolution from a soggy tissue-wrap or transparent nappy sack (which are usually 'bad' plastic adding to landfill; FabLittleBags are biodegradable and made with organic food waste). You can find Fab Little Bag in Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon,Whole Foods Market, Ethical Superstore, subscription boxesand other retailers, or...

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