Eco Coach's Bag
sanitary disposal bags
sanitary disposal bags
Eco Coach's Bag
Eco Coach's Bag
Eco Coach's Bag
Eco Coach's Bag

Eco Coach's Bag

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Durable, ethically sourced bag, made by women for women, perfect for pitch side/court side. Each contains 45 FabLittleBags and a re-usable carry case, plus 12 Natracare sustainably sourced pads and 16 organic cotton tampons. 

Coaches can feel confident that they have a positive solution for their female players. Players have no more stressful 'caught short moments' when training or playing sports - It’s a game-changer!

FabLittleBag's are sustainable sourced easy to use disposal bags for tampons and pads. They open with one hand, are opaque for discretion and seal firmly closed for good hygiene. Not only do they make binning easy, hygienic and a confident experience, bin or no bin, but they also encourage those who might flush tampons and pads down the toilet to bin instead. Flushing causes pollution in our rivers, oceans and beaches. 

Made from sugarcane and recycled materials
Better experience for you 
Better for the planet 

Natracare's eco pads and organic cotton tampons keep things simple and kind to you and the planet. They are made with sustainability at their core.
  • Certified organic cotton cover
  • Sustainably sourced plant-based cellulose at the core
  • Made for sensitive skin
  • Plastic free
  • GMO free ingredients
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Totally Chlorine Free
Together - we have your back 

Key Features

  • Sustainable disposal solution for tampons, pads, and condoms.
  • Opaque design for discreet use.
    Easy one-handed operation.
  • Secure seal for hygienic disposal.
    Environmentally friendly materials: 60% sustainable sugarcane, 10% renewable cornstarch, and 30% recycled plastic.
  • Vegan glue for ethical manufacturing.
  • Supports responsible disposal habits and reduces period product pollution.

How FabLittleBag can help you!

Our bags help so many of our customers dispose of items easily, discreetly and most of all, responsibly. This action protects rivers, oceans and beaches from the pollution caused by flushed products. We want to educate as many people as possible about the importance of responsible disposal while empowering women to live life without limits.

Feel confident and relaxed when disposing hygienically wherever you may be!


What are they made from?

Made from 60% sustainable sugarcane, which locks the carbon in as it grows, 10% renewable cornstarch and 30% recycled plastic to support the circular economy of waste, and the glue we use to seal them closed is vegan. 

Can you fit a pad into a FabLittleBags?

Absolutely, yes! There are a number of YouTube videos showing this. Even the larger night time pads can fit in, the bigger the pads the tighter you may decide to roll it up. The secret is to cover the sticky bit of the pad with a piece of loo roll , or its wrapper, so it doesn’t stick on the way in.

Can you recycle it once it's full?

No – as the contents are not recyclable. They need to go into normal household rubbish.


FabLittleBags and HyGeeni bags are sustainably sourced and the packaging is recyclable. Our film is made from sustainable plants (Sugarcane waste) which also lock in the carbon, recycled materials(LDPE) and a small amount of renewable cornstarch.

Large Quantities
For large order quantities please contact for a bespoke quote.

Eco Coach's Bag

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Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say

Karen S

Fab Evangelist

“I'm loving the FabLittleBags and currently trying to convert my sister. So convenient especially in a public place and hygienic.  Great for the handbag and I like how they don't rattle so much!”


Happy Rambler

“Was out walking in Wales yesterday and it was great not having to stress about the logistics of (used) tampon transport when in the mountains for 7 hours :-)”

Ama Agbeeze

Team England Netball

“They are actually fab! It's good to never be caught short - thanks”

Pop Sugar

“Tackle your period like a boss with FabLittleBag, a discreet, environmentally friendly, cheap handbag essential.”


“BRILLIANT. Finally a workable alternative to flushing. I feel good about doing good!"

Writing Rambling

“Definitely something that shouldn’t ever leave your side”

Madeleine Clarke

“Thank goodness for this product. I have never been a flusher so have spent years smuggling out used tampax in loo roll in my handbag. Not nice! At home I have used nappy sacks so I welcome a product fit for purpose.”